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Helloooo - we are so glad you're here!

Laughter is very much the norm in Kelley/Lisa Land. How grateful we are to be able to dream together and make our dreams a reality - with you! We deeply value community, creation, discussion, ancestry, self-discovery, nature, and all these things provide. Lovers of beauty, we strive to show you the beauty we see in you - because it is always A LOT - like SO MUCH.

You may find us frolicking in the woods or by the sea, shrieking with glee as we dance with the wind and with you.


You may find us cozied up in a beautiful space with coffee drawing oracle or tarot cards and sharing stories and inspiration.


You may find us off by ourselves taking a moment to connect with Mother Earth and thank her for her abundant blessings. 

You may also find us in a corner laughing hysterically at weird things. 2023 is the year we truly let our freak flags fly. Come with us.

We hope to spend some beautiful moments with you soon! 

With Love, 

Kelley & Lisa

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photos by Rachel Larsen Weaver

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