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We are Kelley and Lisa, founders of this community/creative/retreat thing called Poppy & Quill. Our name came about after realizing that we both find feathers in our photo sessions and use them often to guide us where to go next. With a quill, we write our own stories - and often rewrite them as our stories unfold and we evolve. Poppy came from the Matilija Poppy, which can only grow after the seeds have gone through the process of scarification, or burning. Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, as does this giant, magnificent white Poppy. 

We are creative souls that desire a deeper connection with the people in our lives and the ones we have yet to meet.


We are women who adore nature and are at our best when we allow her to surround us with her beauty and who love seeing other women thrive and step into their power. (Chills just thinking about it!)


We are humans who struggle, feel deeply, hurt... but do our best to do better every day.


We are artists who are inspired constantly- often by multiple things all at once and then have a difficult time staying on task. We are movers, shakers, lovers, mamas, partners, creators, truth seekers, and beauty makers. These are things we have in common that make our time together and with you so so special. 


Some things that we do a little differently: 



  • Hates pickles. But pickle haters are important because then the pickle lovers get all their pickles.  Kelley gets the pickles. 

  • Feels intense anxiety when feeling rushed so plans ahead and sets a gazillion timers a day to avoid such feelings. 

  • Gets a major "ick" (as her teen says) with dry things on a wet surface - like gauze in the mouth or a wet spoon on a dry napkin. Cannot deal. 


  • Despises washing dishes. Why can't they figure out how to wash themselves already. 

  • The idea of wasting time doesn't fly with her. Time is such a gift. Use it wisely. 

  • Gets real flustered when native plants are referred to as weeds and doesn't like spicy food, so Lisa gets all the spice. 


A match made in heaven - we feed off each other's creativity and what we have created together is something we are so proud of. We truly hope to be able to spend some time with you soon and get in some feels and create some magic together. ️ 


Our next retreat is being held December 14 & 15 in Calistoga, CA. 2024 retreat dates are listed on our website and include Sedona (finally!) in March, a North Bay or Tahoe location (TBD) in late summer, and one by the sea on the Central CA Coast in October. Visit the link in profile for more info and be sure to RSVP for the one you are most interested in. 

We hope to spend some time with you oh-so-soon!! 

Kelley & Lisa

Screen Shot 2023-01-04 at 4.26.46 PM.png

photos by Rachel Larsen Weaver & Diana Riley

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