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August 2023 Retreat | Calistoga, CA

We are still riding high from the warm days, cool water, big laughter, deep feels...and so much more from our last retreat in Calistoga. Exploring the power of water...The way it holds memory and energy. The way it holds us and yet flows so effortlessly.

The lovely Allesanda Tolomei-Hard (a.k.a., Mrs. Hard) led us in beautiful workshops where we looked within, did grounding and meditation work, and connected with our higher power as it is - since it is different for us all.

We harnessed the healing power of movement and dance with Shawna Mox, founder of BomBooty and discovered new ways to move and connect with our bodies - in the most fun and invigorating way. This ain't no yoga retreat, my loves. The next time you see one of us, ask us what we learned. ;)

Meandered down the road through the vineyards and enjoyed dinner at Sam's Social Club and chatted about our experiences and all the synchronicities that popped up - and are still even today. Some other delicious eats provided by The Calistoga Roastery and Ox & The Fox.

Both beautiful days led us to the water, where we held space for each other and ourselves while practicing the art of giving and receiving love and energy from others. It was powerful and continues to be so as we relive the photos from the photos captured by Kelley, Lisa, and Diana.

Ending days in the mineral baths was a lovely bonus as we gave the gift of time and space for ourselves - something that can be much harder to do than one would think.

An experience resulting in a deeper understanding of self and our bodies, galleries of images to revisit whenever we are feeling the urge to be back in that space, and beautiful additions to our badass community of women - and to quote Diana - "Bad Bitches Doing Good Work for Women". We love you all so much! Hope to see you soon - (maybe at our next one?! December 14 & 15, 2023! - see website for details).

So many hugs,

Lisa & Kelley

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